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Kids' Corner GUIDE
« on: February 05, 2010, 02:01:05 PM »
to finding your way around...

Click on the links below to explore The Eagles of Hornby Island website and the Hornby Island Nest Cam area of the forum.  (They are two separate places.)

Note: You can easily go from the forum to the website by clicking on WEBSITE at the top of any page of the forum.  There is a link at the website to get back here to the FORUM.

  • The Eagles of Hornby Island  website

    There are lots of pictures and information about the eagles, the nest, and a story about Doug and Sheila Carrick who have made the web cameras possible.

    Click here and have fun exploring the website.

    The Hornby web cam is there to watch the nest.

    (Picture of the Hornby web cam)

    At the Kids' Corner (click) of The Eagles of Hornby Island website, there are puzzles and activities like drawing and colouring, a Word Search Puzzle that you can download as well as other fun things to do and learn:

    Jigsaw puzzle of Mom and Dad Hornby

    Click here to do this jigsaw puzzle now.

  • The Hornby Island Nest area of this forum

    Some of the threads that you will find interesting are listed below:

    Hornby Nest Discussion (click here) talks about what is happening on the nest and shows pictures of the eagles.  The last page of Hornby Nest Discussion will be discussion and screencaptures of what is happening today on the nest.  Sometimes, there is a video for you to watch.

    Screencaptures are pictures taken through the webcam:

    [0]The Diction-aerie (click here) is a dictionary of eagle terms you may see used on the forum.  (An aerie is an eagle's nest.)

    It explains words like “fleaping” and “brooding”.  Do you know what a “pip” is? …or a “flatlet”?

    [0]The Eagle Dates thread is Doug Carrick’s timetable of dates when the eagles usually do things like fix up the nest and lay their eggs.  

    If you are wondering when the eggs might hatch, the answer is in the timetable.

    [0]The Ground Observations thread (click here) contains photographs and observations from the ground, right there on Hornby Island.  Photographer Boonibarb shows us photos of the eagles, the beach, and the nest.  You will learn what trees they perch in and Doug explains what they are doing when we can’t see them on the web cam.

    The nest is at the top of a huge Douglas fir tree.  Can you see it amongst the other trees?

    [0]Around Hornby Island (click here) contains other threads for you to look at.

    There are pictures showing what Hornby Island is like and Boonibarb shows us other eagle nests on Hornby Island.
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