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Mojo - A Celebration of Her Life
« on: November 24, 2013, 05:16:57 AM »
Mojo: A Celebration of Her Life

HEGPS:  Thank you for coming to the memorial service for our dear Mojo. This is taking place at the same time the service is being held in Michigan.

During the service in Michigan, our friend and fellow chatter Churchlaady will be doing a reading on our behalf and the chorus that Mojo belonged to will be singing.

Some of Mojo's friends and colleagues, who cannot attend her service, will be with us today.  

Our presentation will consist of three videos, each lasting  4-7 minutes. You will see them in another window.  Please come back to this chat when each video ends.

At the end of our presentation, please join us in posting your thoughts and memories of Mojo.

HEGPS: Thank you all, we will now begin.

HEGPS:  Pastor Tom is officiating at Mojo's service in Michigan.  He has chosen words that perfectly reflect Mojo's philosophy, written by a man whose compassion she shared.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

HEGPS: Churchlaady and Mojo were good friends, spending time together in life and in chat. Churchlaady is attending Mojo's service, and is giving this reading on behalf of HEGPS and all of Mojo's nest friends.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

HEGPS:  Dear Mojo, you were radiant.  This is how we always knew you, and this is how we will always remember you.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

HEGPS: Please join us in a moment of silence.

HEGPS:  Thank you friends for joining us today to celebrate an exceptional woman.

Passerine:  We thank you for attending today's service and invite you to share your thoughts and memories of Mojo.  I would like to begin by sharing a story of Mojo's love for all wildlife.

Mojo took great pleasure in the wildlife around her home.  Once,  Mojo had an ailing squirrel; she went to great lengths to help him with a special diet and love.  That adorable squirrel was treated to a one-on-one photo shoot with Cali when she and Jay visited Michigan about a year ago.  Seeing the photo posted in chat Mojo responded, with delight, "Awww Cali! My squirrel!!!! That was right next to my driveway!" You could see the little guy's injured arm in the first photo.

Robins bathing had Mojo's heart glowing.  

All the wildlife in Mojo's yard will miss her.

Luvthebirds:  I would like to share a poem I wrote:

(clickable picture)

HEGPS:  Well over one hundred nest friends are in attendance at Mojo's online celebration including a few especially loved by Mojo...

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Re: Mojo - A Celebration of Life
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To see all the lovely tributes and to post yours go here Tributes To Mojo
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