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The Eagles of Hornby Island
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The Hornby Eagle Group (HEG) formed in 2009 to continue broadcasting the Hornby Eagles webcam, which was first streamed in 2006. In December 2010, the Group became a registered non-profit Society in British Columbia and was renamed the Hornby Eagle Group Projects Society (HEGPS).

For two years, we were privileged to broadcast a live, intimate view of a beloved pair of bald eagles, Mom and Dad Hornby, and their eaglets Phoenix (2010) and Alexandra & David (2011). The original webcams were retired in the autumn of 2011. In April 2012, HEGPS installed a new camera on "Gregg's Tree", which is about 230 feet from the nest tree; while the view is not as intimate as provided by the older cameras, we can see the Hornby's territory and perch trees, as well as the nest tree and nest itself. The Hornby Island ground crew continues to monitor the nest and post videos and photographs of Mom and Dad Hornby in our forum (Our Nature Zone).


The Eagles of Hornby Island


September 2014. After a season of ups-and-downs, Mom and Dad fledged one gorgeous eagle, whom we called "Scootch" for Dad Hornby's stylish manner of settling in the nest with a kick of his feet and a wiggle to ensure a perfect nest bowl.

Here is a video compilation of the season's important moments, including Scootch's fledging on August 8 at 90 days of age, her/his fall and subsequent homecoming two days later and departure with Mom for the salmon runs.

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HEGPS Projects

Shredder was one of several animals
rescued and supported in care
by HEGPS and friends.
He was emaciated and
near death when rescued.
After 3 months in rehab at MARS,
he was released in November 2011.

Starting in 2009, HEGPS members and friends contributed to purchasing equipment and paying the costs associated with streaming and broadcasting the Hornby Eagles webcam. In addition, HEGPS volunteers donate their time and expertise to public education and data collection, plus building and maintaining the website and forum.

In July 2010, the Hornby eaglet Phoenix died of acute aspergillosis at 76 days of age. Following the outpouring of grief over her death, we began to promote and assist wildlife rehabilitation facilities. Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society (MARS) on Vancouver Island is the wildlife rehab facility closest to Hornby Island and was the group that ensured Phoenix was examined and that her legacy would continue to benefit other wildlife in need of rescue.

The Hornby Eagles Advanced Response Team (HEART) is comprised of Hornby residents who respond to calls of animals in distress.  Since 2010, more than 30 creatures ranging from a tiny hummingbird to adult eagles and malnourished seal pup orphans have been taken to rehabilitation facilities on Vancouver Island.  You can see the annual list of those rescues HERE.

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Mom and Dad Hornby

Mom and Dad Hornby

HEGPS supports the missions of




For cameras and technical assistance, HEGPS recommendsSecurco


Whiskey Jack Tree Services
Hornby Island

From the Archives

Ground Observations

Ground photos from 2009 (Hope)

Ground photos from 2010 (Phoenix)

Ground photos from 2011 (Alexandra & David)

Ground photos from 2012 (Hali)

Ground photos from 2013

Ground photos from 2014 (Scootch)


Hornby Eagle videos are on You Tube


Do you have HEART?

If you would like to be one of the "Friends with HEART" and both honor the HEART team as well as help out the animals' caregivers, please consider supporting the rehab effort by making a contribution to the rehab centres, either directly or through HEGPS.  We (HEGPS) have set up a "Hornby Wildlife Sponsorship Fund" in order to either help with rehab costs for rescued wildlife and/or sponsor the release of that creature back to its wild home.

Read more on the forum at the link below:

Be a "Friend with HEART"




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